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Getting Started

In all things there are beginnings. Here are some tips to get you started.

Special Controls

In both the single player and multiplayer modes of Marathon: Resurrection doors, switches, shield chargers (the equivalent of Health), and information terminals are accessed with an Activation Key which needs to be set in the Input preferences' Control tab. Make sure to set it to something easily accessible so you can utilize it quickly.


In addition to the Activation Key, you will need to configure the Page Up and Page Down keys for when you access the information terminals. These keys are set in the same process as the Activation Key. In addition to these special keys, you will see a few extra key commands in your Controls tab in the UT preferences.

Player Setup

For the complete Marathon experience, be sure to set your player's appearance as a Marathon character. In the player setup you can find the options to change your character into BOB, BAB, or the Mjolnir Mark IV, the hero of this little sci-fi jaunt.

It is here that you have the opportunity to choose not only the player model, but also it's skin, color scheme (for general appearance in regular gaming and to assign yourself to a team in M:R Team multiplayer games), and voice for taunts.

Player Setup

Heads Up Display (HUD)

The HUD is divided into three main components. In the lower left hand corner is where the motion detector, armor status, and oxygen meter is located.

Motion Detector

The motion detector also has a built in IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) which can identify among hostiles, neutrals, and friendlies. Note that targets that do not move at all will not be picked up by the Motion Detector.

Additionally, when playing King of the Hill maps, the Motion Detector will show you the direction that hill is located from your current position and when you are on the hill, the Motion Detector will light up fully.

Armor Status

Your battle suit is a highly adaptable bio-electric unit which can be adapted to utilize many different energy sources. In addition to the normal powering of the suit, the energy is mainly utilized by the shielding unit. As you take damage, a specific amount of shield energy is expended to deflect the damage from your actual body. When the shield generator is depleted of energy you die. Avoid this unpleasant situation by utilizing the shield recharge terminals.

The Motion Detector also shows the location of a target over time. As a target moves, the motion detector displays their current position as well as displaying fading "motion trails" that show the target's position moments before. A trained marine can read this information very accurately to determine exactly what a target is doing, and at what velocity the target is traveling at.

Team HUD

Oxygen Status

Your battle suit also has a limited oxygen reservoir (blue meter) that can be refilled from compressed oxygen terminals. The suit provides a little over 2 minutes of oxygen so you can mount underwater assaults. More importantly however, it gives you a higher survivability rating in the case of a leak or decompressed area on a space craft.

The Center Module

In the center is the inventory and statistics readout. Here you can see what weapons and how much ammunition you've acquired. During net games, this will also periodically switch to a scoreboard so you can see how badly you're losing.

The Right Module

In the right corner is the weapon display and ammo readout. This shows your active weapon, and how much ammo you have for it. All regulation weapons are equipped with a wireless transmitter which links directly to your HUD's computer so you can see exactly how much more havoc you can wreak before having to reload again.

Team Score Indicator

When playing Team-based Every Man For Himself (M:R Team EMFH from the gameplay pop-up) the runnin scores for the teams are displayed on the Team HUD located on the side of the screen. The player's HUD will change color to reflect the color of the team that the player is on. In the above example, the player is on the Gold team.


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