"The following is a run-down on some of the weapons that were stocked onboard the Marathon. This text is reproduced, with permission from the UESC Marathon Defense Planning Commission Report 1359-F Militia Supply Supplement."

.45 Magnum Mega Class
"Standard Issue for all security officers and field personnel, this weapon utilizes 8-shot clips of caseless, Teflon-coated, .45 caliber high-velocity slugs for maximum armour penetration. Its Titanium tripolymer composite construction results in a sturdy, reliable, lightweight firearm."

M.75 Assault Rifle
"This modern weapon fires 600 rounds per minute of caseless .38 caliber shells, with a standard clip holding 52 rounds of ammunition. Also including a secondary barrel which fires M-class anti-personnel grenades, the M.75 has also proven it's worth against lightly-armoured vehicles. The grenade clip holds 7 rounds."

Tech .50 Fusion Pistol
"The Tech .50 is an extremely expensive weapon to produce and is issued primarily to military personnel requiring devastating firepower against electronically and mechanically augmented combat troops. The normal firing mode produces 20 high energy pulses in 8 seconds." Cool Fusion!

SPNKR SSM Launcher
"This shoulder-fired device fires short range anti-personnel, anti-armour rockets. The impact-fused rocket velocity is 110 meters/second with an effective range of 2500 meters and a blast radius of 10 meters. Work is in progress to develop a guidance system similar to larger anti-armour rockets.."

TOZT .25 Flame Unit
"Fueled by a single napalm-75 canister, the Tozt.25 will discharge a stream of fire 10 meters in length. The naplam is also effective in covering retreats and blocking passages since it sticks to surfaces (including hostiles) and continues to burn for a limited period of time."


Sealed from the outside world for over 15 million years...