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Some Answers

Q: What is Marathon: Resurrection?

A: Marathon: Resurrection is a project that aims to bring Bungie Software's classic, Mac-only FPS into the modern world of gaming. We are doing this by recreating the maps, textures, weapons, etc... on the Unreal Tournament Engine. Marathon's original 2.5D engine is very old and outdated. Even though open-source projects like Aleph One (which brings Open GL acceleration to Marathon) do enhance the game greatly, we want to give the game a full makeover. Although not intentionally planned this way, games such as id's new DOOM, and the Xatrix's Return to Castle Wolfenstein, usher in a newfound popularity in older games. Back in its day, Marathon was considered to be as good or better then the original DOOM. While we don't have the full resources of these newer, in development games, we've got plenty of talent, and a bit of sweat to make something that will allow the Macintosh fan to wallow in nostalgia, as well as introduce the PC gamer to this classic.

Q: What will I need to play Marathon: Resurrection?

A: A decent computer, a copy of Unreal Tournament, and a graphics card, and if you need further explanation, you might not want to jump into the world of 3D gaming just yet.

Q: What is Unreal Tournament?

A: A modern first person shooter game from the cool guys at Epic. Want more info? Check out http://www.planetunreal.com

Q: I saw something familiar elsewhere in the UT community... A Frogblast the Ventcore Project, what's the difference between you and them?

A: Frogblast: The Ventcore Project aims to bring Marathon map geometries to UT. These maps duplicate and expand on the old favorite Marathon network maps while incorporating UT weapons and bot support. This on-going project has already ported 8 maps for Unreal and 9 for UT and has also turned out a Marathon-style King of the Hill mod (True KOTH). Some of these maps have done quite well in the UT community, specifically DM-FbMelatonin, which got a 8.5 rating at Nali City. The people that are a part of Frogblast are a cool, easy going team that provided the jump start for this project. Their advice, encouragement, and loaning of one of their mappers owes them a very special thanks from Team Unpfhorgiven.

Q: I saw something similar elsewhere in the UT community... A Marathon: Rampancy, what's the difference between you and them?

A: We're better, we're slower. ;-) Otherwise, both projects attempt similar goals, download them both and see which one fits your playing style better.

Q: How do I know that this won't fade into Mod oblivion like all those other Marathon-for-3D Engines Mods?

A: Basically you don't. However we've been at this since January 2000. We aren't dead yet, quite the contrary, we're bigger and going stronger then every before.

Q: Why the Unreal Tournament Engine?! Quake 3 is so much better!

A: We chose Unreal Tournament for one, big reason. When Durandal (our Project Lead) first started this project, it WAS a Quake 3 mod. The Quake 3 community wasn't very responsive to his cries for help, and the UT community was. Very simple. After the TC is done, we would like to release the source materials for the Mod (models in their original format, textures, etc...) so someone CAN port it to Quake 3. We want to spread Marathon as far out as we can. Though other Marathon projects exist already for Half-Life, as well as Quake 3. We are confident that we will provide an entirely unique gaming experience.

Q: I'm a die-hard Marathoner, too. What's with the weapons / maps / textures / aliens? Did you guys even PLAY Marathon? Why are these so different from the original?!

A: Like we said, we want to give Marathon a makeover. Some of the weapons in Marathon were, to say the least, ridiculous. The pistol had a revolver style, yet was loaded with a clip. This does not make any sense. Many other logic problems were found, and with a new engine, we can afford to expand the Marathon universe in little ways, as we have less limitations then Bungie originally had, much in the same fashion that Raven Software extrapolates upon the Star Trek universe to create Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. Most importantly however, is that it's only so much fun to do a straight port, our own creative juices need to be worked into this project to be fun for us, be assured that Marathon: Resurrection will bear significant Unpfhorgiven flavor to the original Marathon.

Q: Is there going to be any single player? Or is this multi-player only?

A: There will be multi-player. Single player is intended, but Team: Unpfhorgiven guarentees nothing.

Q: Do you have Bungie's permission on this little undertaking?

A: Not exclusive in writing permission. However Marathon: Resurrection has been acknowledged, and we have a few Bungie employees who have indicated interest in Beta testing Resurrection. It's safe to say we're clear.

Q: Do you have Microsoft's permission?

A: Bungie says essentially that we have free reign over Bungie's older stuff, and Microsoft won't butt their head in. Take that for what it's worth.

Q: Can I beta test?

A: Marathon: Resurrection will be an open beta test. If we find we need special beta testers for internal beta testing we will make that known at this website when we are ready.

Q: How can I help?

A: Money would be nice! Free comps, chips and salsa, brotherly hugs, WWF tickets, and your support would all be appreciated. :-) If you think that you have skills you can contribute to this project in some way and are willing to go a little extra, check out our Joining page for a list of open positions.

Q: When will it be released?

A: We're going to defer to our Bungie Amendment Right on this: When it's done, and done right.


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