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Marathon:Resurrection 2.5 Complete Release


Fourteen years since the official version 2.0 release and approximately 21 years since the original work for Marathon:Resurrection started, we are surprised and thrilled to have an update available! An enterprising fan (Matias 'Aspide' Mulliez) showed a keen interest and poured many hours into making this release possible. This release has major bug fixes to virtually all single and multi-player maps, weapons and monster as well as monster AI. Most importantly, this release makes multi-player co-op play possible for the single-player Marathon story.

We are impressed and amazed at the legacy of the original Marathon games by Bungie and the continued response and gameplay that Marathon:Resurrection receives. The primary feature list remains the same as the 2.0 release with improvements too numerous to list here. There is an extensive update list in the Help section downloaded with the release.

This is not a simple patch or a beta, it is a complete install and as such can be installed by itself over a fresh Unreal Tournament 436 install or over a previous version of Marathon:Resurrection.

Once installed, the single player experience is meant to be a loosely based replica of the original Marathon by Bungie. Many things that we included were not part of the original, and a few small things may have been omitted, but otherwise this release stays true to the original.


- A working copy of the original Unreal Tournament (patched to version 436, or unofficial version 469b)
- Any computer system that can run aforementioned copy of Unreal Tournament

* Unreal Tournament is available for purchase from Good Old Games or Steam online stores.

To download Marathon:Resurrection, visit our download page!

New in this version:

- New multi-player Capture The Flag map "Rings of Saturn".
- Ability to play the Single Player campaign in multi-player mode thus enabling Co-op play.
- Bug fixes to maps, weapons, gametypes, monsters and monster AI

...and more!

Release Comments:

- Please be aware that the html manual has not been updated for this release. There are, however, extensive notes in the Help that is downloaded with the release including patch notes, installation instructions, tips for map making and more.

Team Unpfhorgiven




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