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IMPORTANT! Multiplayer Fix is now available!


The Multiplayer bug found earlier, which essentially rendered the MP feature unusable, has now been fixed. It's a very small (589Kb) download which requires replacing just one file. You can grab it from the downloads page here. We apologize for the inconvenience.





Marathon:Resurrection 2.0 Complete Release


After nearly seven full years in development, Team Unpfhorgiven is finally releasing what it set out to do long ago: a complete single and multi-player recreation of the original, legendary game, Marathon by Bungie Studios, as a free total conversion modification (Mod) for Unreal Tournament. Our goal was to bring a classic game into a modern engine, on a more universal platform that allows the re-telling of this fascinating story in a way that does justice to the original, but also allows us to give it an updated and unique flavour. We hope that it will appeal to the old Marathon fans looking to re-live some nostalgia and witness things they only dreamed of in the original engine, as well as new fans, looking to enjoy a classic in a new way. Thank you for playing Marathon:Resurrection and thank you for standing by our efforts.

This release is not a simple patch or a beta, it is a complete install and as such can be installed by itself over a fresh Unreal Tournament 436 install or over a previous version of Marathon:Resurrection.

Once installed, the single player experience is meant to be a loosely based replica of the original Marathon by Bungie. Many things that we included were not part of the original, and a few small things may have been omitted, but otherwise this release stays true to the original.


- A working copy of the original Unreal Tournament (patched to version 436, or version 436 from the Unreal Anthology)*
- Any computer system that can run aforementioned copy of Unreal Tournament including, but not limited to computers that run Windows XP, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X with Classic (OS 9 environment), Mac OS X with Unreal Tournament with the Unreal Tournament OS X Preview 3 Release.

* Unreal Tournament is available for purchase as part of the Unreal Anthology package, published by Midway Games. This is an incredible collection featuring Unreal, Unreal II, Unreal Tournament (Game of the Year Edition) and Unreal Tournament 2004, as well as a collection of top-notch Mods and add-ons. For more info follow the link to:


To download Marathon:Resurrection, visit our download page!


- Complete Single Player Experience
27 Solo Maps, new Chapter Screens etc

- 16 new Multi-Player Maps

- More than 10 new monsters, including:
Pfhor Fighters, Pfhor Troopers, Pfhor Enforcers, Pfhor Hunters, Pfhor Juggernauts, Sp'ht Compilers, Drinniol Hulks, Wasps, BOBs, and Lookers

- More than 10 new weapons, including:
The .44 Magnum Pistols, MA-75 Automatic Rifle, Fusion Pistol, WST-M Shotguns, KKV Flechette, SPNKR Rocket Launcher, TOZT Flame Unit and two alien weapons, plus your own battle-hardended fists

- More than 150 recreated high resolution textures

- 15 new and re-mastered music tracks

- Several Player Models and skins including:
The Mjolnr Mark V, BOB and BAB.

...and many more!

Changes from previous versions:

- Too many to enumerate them all.

New in this version:

- New multi-player maps.
- Complete single player campaign, 27 levels in all.
- New Chapter Screens.
- New monsters.
- New GUI.

...and more!

Release Comments:

- Please be aware that the html manual has not been updated for this release. It will be made available as soon as it is ready.

Team Unpfhorgiven




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