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Got the Skills? Got the Bandwidth? Turn that lightning fast, under-used, and under appreciated box at your feet into a Marathon Resurrection Server. For more information, post to the forum!

First lets kill all the lawyers. For information and legal issues see the software license.

Software License


Updated 2021.
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Marathon Resurrection 2.5 Complete (aka Probably Golden Platinum Candidate)

After a long 14 years, Marathon:Resurrection has been completed1 still, and updated. Enjoy!

Marathon:Resurrection 2.5 is available in one installation options:

  • A .zip file that expands into the files and folders that you will then need to copy into the appropriate locations in your Unreal Tournament 436 (or unofficial 469b) Installation.


- A working copy of the original Unreal Tournament (patched to version 436, or unofficial version 469b)*

- Any computer system that can run aforementioned copy of Unreal Tournament

* Unreal Tournament is available for purchase on Good Old Games (GOG) and Steam online game stores.

Downloads are available as direct files.


*** Download Zip Now *** from Bungie.org

*** Download Zip Now *** from ModDB

Thanks for taking the time to download Marathon: Resurrection, Team Unpfhorgiven's remake of the Mac classic Marathon from Bungie Software. For information regarding Marathon game play, weaponry, and much more, see the Online Manual, and as ever, be sure to spay or neuter your pet.

Support for Marathon: Resurrection can be found by using our Online Manual. If you have any other questions, please bring your issue to the forums and we'll do our best to help you out.

1 - "Completed" is a relative state of being. While by and large everything pertinent to the original Marathon 1 single and multi-player experience has been re-created, there are many things we would have still liked to work on. That being said, after nearly 7 ..woops...21 years of development, we had to call it "completed" at some point.

Sealed from the outside world for over 15 million years...