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Playing the Game

When setting up a practice session, LAN game, or an Internet server, you have the option of setting your gametype as, "M:R Every Man For Himself" (deathmatch), "M:R Team EMFH" (team deathmatch), or "M:R King of the Hill."

Every Man For Himselfs
This gametype is pretty much as you would expect it: an all-out, shoot anything that moves before it shoots you kind of game. Think UT, but with a Marathon:Resurrection twist.

Team: Every Man For Himself
A team-based version of the standard deathmatch gametype. The players are divided into a maximum of four teams, Red, Blue, Green, and Gold. The first team to reach the frag limit (default is 30) or has the highest score when the time runs out, wins.

King of the Hill
Full-on frantic fun. The point of the game is to dominate a location on the map (the Hill) for a set amount of time. Since anyone on the Hill is basically a sitting duck, this gametype is a major frag-fest.

When setting up a King of the Hill game, the Hill Time Limit is measured in seconds. So to set up a two-minute goal you would enter 120 into the field. To keep a KOTH game from going too long, you can set the general time limit to something reasonable (10 minutes is the default).

Starting Multiplayer Games
Although that's pretty much all that is necessary to know, there are a few options you do have control over, as well a few things to consider. Marathon:Resurrection will work with any map to a limited extent, and can be quite fun on maps that are not specifically made for this MOD. However, to get the full experience and benefits from using the Every Man for Himself gametype, you'll need to open up your map rotation options box and make sure that your the maps that came with this MOD are included within the rotation. Marathon:Resurrection maps can easily be identified by their prefix. A Marathon: Resurrection map will be "DMMR" for Every Man For Himself, or "DMMRK" for King of the Hill, followed by the map's name.

In the Map options, you can also choose to enable a little option called Marathon Scoring. This is a very fun way of scoring that adds a lot more purpose to a deathmatch map. It also can lead to very long deathmatches if playing to a point limit. Marathon Scoring is simple, for every kill you get, you get one point. For every time you die, you loose one point. The result is that players are more motivated to bring down the top player to advance instead of just fragging newbies and the like to advance their score.

Single Player

To explore the single-player aspect of Marathon: Resurrection, hit the ESC key and choose Marathon: Resurrection from the Mod menu at the top of the screen, then click on the button in the dialog to launch the single player game. After a brief intro you'll teleport onto the abandoned space station, Marathon, and the story beings.


Sealed from the outside world for over 15 million years...