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Re: 1.1.1 -- first impresions/bugs

Posted By: Djof@School
Date: 2001.

In Response To: 1.1.1 -- first impresions/bugs (Grasshopper)

: I also agree with people saying that the Magnums should
: have an increased firing rate (as fast as you can
: click the mouse). Though not faithful to the original
: Marathon, playing M|R has convinced me that this is an
: acceptable improvent, especially in light of the
: slower weapon respawns (you end up using the pistols
: more.

Yes making the pistol fire a bit faster would make it more balanced in front of other weapons (as adding a 2x scope, ala Halo would).
Pretty mutch all the weapons are very well balanced now. The shotguns deadly at close range, the fusion pistol kills in one shot, but is only good at close range or in tight corridors (Carnage Palace Delux :), the AR is coming along great, the TOZT canisters don't last long, the SPNKR has long reload, and the "Y" has no relaod.
BUT THE PISTOL?? It has to have a good use too. Something that could make you switch your shotgun for it sometimes, or give you a chance of survival again other weapons, in certain situations. Giving it faster fire (while keeping the precision, and maybe giving it a scope) would make possible to take out half of your opponent's health before he close up with his TOZT. Making you more than a target drone.
On the down side, I don't think my life will worth much in front of fast firing pistol armed bots in higher difficulty levels as on "inhuman"... :( They are deadly accurate with it!

"Je me souviens"

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