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More problems with the AR

Posted By: Djof@School
Date: 2001.

Yesterday while I played alone with anarchy (before you came gh :), we were talking about the weapons in 1.1.1 and then he said to me to try shooting grenades at 180 up and try to catch them on they way down. What's most fun about it is that they don't do damage that way!!! If you shoot them at the ground, they hurt a lot, but try to shoot'em high and catch them when they fall back, and they do nothing!

That was on House of Pain.

Another thing about grenades is that you can walk pass them! They also don't hurt you when doing that... At first i though they could go faster when just launched, then slow down, but then I remembered my phisic courses of last year. Only the vertical speed change when you throw something (up, then down) and that air friction isn't a concern. But then I noticed they kinda launch from behind of you when you shoot them strait ahead while running. There is a delay between the moment you fire the grenade to the moment it comes in front of you. Just making it start more in front of the player would maybe fix the "I can run faster than my grenades" trick.

"Je me souviens"


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