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1.1.1 -- first impresions/bugs

Posted By: Grasshopper
Date: 2001.

Well, I finally got 1.1.1 and "got my medicine" from Djof and Anarchy (sp?) who SPNKed me around the the gorgeous (but slow as hell) R66 last night. I also "practiced" a bit on OneHitWonder -- one hell of a fun map. The M:R version is pretty dang faitful to the original (IIRC), and I can't wait until Anaphiel rebuilds those particular textures. But... MAN, these maps look gorgeous.

Ok. So now it's time for the few bugs/wishlist I've noticed so far.

Assault Rifle. Look folks, I don't mean to sound negative, but even in its improved state, the AR is just no fun and, frankly, I only use it when there's no other weapon available. The M2/MI AR was just about perfect. IIRC, the M2 manual described using the M1 AR akin to "wrestling with a greased pig." That's what the M:R AR feels like. Worse, the slooooow firing rate makes me feel like I'm firing a Civil-War era Gaitling gun. The firing rate needs to be faster, the firing sound needs to be faster, the recoil needs to be waaay less. I like the "led-type" counters in the HUD though --- those are very cool.

Sounds. There are two sounds which are used in M:R which could be substituted with Marathon sounds. The latter sound better to my ears anyway. (I play with headphones, so sounds tend to be pretty important to me). The first one is the rocket/grenade fly-by sound. Marathon has a GREAT rocket fly-by sound, much lower in pitch than the current M:R. Finally, the "bullet hitting flesh" sound. M2 had a great one of those as well. The current M:R "bullet hitting flesh" sounds, to me, like a drop of water falling in a pool.

I also agree with people saying that the Magnums should have an increased firing rate (as fast as you can click the mouse). Though not faithful to the original Marathon, playing M|R has convinced me that this is an acceptable improvent, especially in light of the slower weapon respawns (you end up using the pistols more.



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