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Horror galery (pictures, 300kb total)

Posted By: Djof
Date: 2001.

Here are some more bugs/problems I caugh on film.


This one is probably just my crappy Matrox, but I know it normaly DO transparancy.


That's how the cyborg see after a couple of beers.

Weird trash textures appearing on Thunderdome's walls (flickering). I think I saw these on another map's floor (What goes up????)

Another occurance.


OK, this is a follow up on a post I did (see here). The rocket you see is going SLOWLY because it went trought a kind of "change room" (I'm no mapper) in the map. In the small twisted corridor of What goes up, there is two such places. The rockets you see were fired by ME. When a rocket goes trough the "change room", it disapear, but if I go trough it also, the rocket is still there, moving slowly... and then exploding withoug doing damage (similar to this?)

Other examples:


Fusion shots gets trapped like in an invisible spiderweb, at the same "change room" places, as I once noticed.

Going trough these thing also cause some kind of displacement effect similar to having a bad ping. I tried the map in local, and it does the same. Falling into the SPNKR's nest in Carnage Palace Delux also has the same effect, but if harder to that screen of hangin' ammo.)

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