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Good crosshair idea

Posted By: Boomer
Date: 2002.

In Response To: Re: crosshair (WSTE_M)

: C'mon Unphforgiven, give us a (cool) crosshair...

: W

If they'd add a crosshair, wich could be good since the angle of the weapons aren't the best for aiming, it should be a ring like in Halo. But bigger so you'd still have to be a skilled marksman to kick ass. It's very easy to hit a guy from one side of a corridor to the other side in Marathon 1, but in M:R you sometimes have to miss and then move your mouse to the left, fire and if it was to much to the left and the target moved, move right and fire and then move up because you hit the floor and then down because the next shot hit the celing and so on, and on through eternity...

so I strongly suggest there should be a circle, but for pistols only and you should be able to choose if you wanted to use two guns at a time or only use one like you could in M1. And the circle should get bigger when you choose to play with two so it would be harder to aim when honoring Mr. Woo like it got in M1.

PS. Practice helps, but not that much! You might hit your oponet with every single shot on close combat with pistol, but not at a distance like you could in M1!

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