"Does the distance one travels from center make one more free to move?"

"No. Freedom has two parts: potential and resolution; as metaphor has two parts: form and interpretation. Of course, the two are intertwined. Metaphor lines the road to freedom, as symbols and words are the bricks and mortar of meaning. Freedom is being the bricoleur, the mason."

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The Chatwell Gallery specializes in classical paintings and modern prints by major figures. The paintings are largely representational European works from the 19th century. The prints are primarily post-war American ‘abstract’ art . Both convey unexpected truths, making visible what might otherwise go unseen. The representational paintings reveal nuances of life, in the perceptible features of objects or events. The prints express visual ideas about colors and shapes, and about the cultural importance that design can have. Exploring these domains artistically and creating new knowledge is a brave human action, and the works that result involve viewers in a valuable enterprise. Whether in paint or in print, the artists in the gallery collection have produced meaningful works that speak to their audience. Making them accessible is Chatwell’s aim.


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