"Does the distance one travels from center make one more free to move?"

"No. Freedom has two parts: potential and resolution; as metaphor has two parts: form and interpretation. Of course, the two are intertwined. Metaphor lines the road to freedom, as symbols and words are the bricks and mortar of meaning. Freedom is being the bricoleur, the mason."

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Potting soil is soil that is obtained from a combination of different nutrients and different types of soils that vary depending on the type of plant. The composition of this soil should include elements that improve fertility and plant growth. These elements are:
1 - Garden soil
Garden soil is a good mixture for home pots, which is a major cheap source.
2 - Compost
Compost contains billions of beneficial microbes that have a high water and nutrient storage capacity. Compost improves the quality of the home soil mixture, and if you prepare it yourself, it must be completely decomposed into small pieces. Compost also reduces leaf diseases.
3 - Sand
Coarse sand in the soil improves water drainage and increases the weight of the mixture. It also strengthens and improves physically growing plants.


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