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Here's a Saved Game of Try Again

Posted By: Captain Bob
Date: 2007.

There's a bug already documented here where the last terminal of "Welcome to the Revolution" doesn't teleport you to the next level, "Try Again". Until a patch comes out to fix this, I offer this saved game I made. I realize not everyone wants to figure out the console commands to load the level, and give themselves the weapons they should have. So I loaded Try Again, gave myself all the weapons a player should have by that point, picked up the ammunition in the tiny room next to the pattern buffer, charged up to full 3x shields, and saved my game. I used the playersonly command so that no aliens would be activated. In other words, it should be pretty close to starting the level as if you'd teleported from the previous level, except you'll be a little short on ammo.

The saved game is at http://www.chamotlabs.com/Bob/chamot/files/Save72.usa. Put it in your Save folder, and it should show up when you go to load a game, in the third slot.

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